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Robot Perception and Learning Lab



MPPL Robot

Mobile Platform for Perpcetion and Learning

Robot description: Robotnik Summit-XL STEEL as the omni-directional mobile base, 7DoF Franka Emika Panda arm attached to the base, and a Robotiq 2F-85 Gripper as end-effector.

A1 Unitree Robot

Quadrupedal Robotic Platform

Robot description: Unitree's A1 robot, is a small size quadruped platform.

WidowX 250 Robot Arm

Robotic Arm

Robot description: Trossen Robotics - WidowX 250 Robot Arm, is a 5DoF robotic arm with DYNAMIXEL servos.

NOITOM Systems Perception Neuron Studio: Inertial and Gloves

Motion Capture IMU Body Sensor

Description: Noitom Systems: Perception Neuron Studio Inertial (2020) and Perception Neuron Studio Glove (2020).

Vive Pro VR System

Vive Pro Full Kit

Description: Vive Pro: VIVE Pro Full Kit | The professional-grade VR headset (2021).

Robotiq Gippers and F/T Sensors

Grippers and Force/Torque Sensors

Description: Robotiq: A set of a Vacuum Gripper (1-4 suction cups), a 2F-85 Gripper, and a FT 300-S Force Torque Sensor (2021).

Jetbot Robot

Jetbot Robotic Platform

Robot description: SparkFun JetBot AI Kit v2.1 powered by Jetson Nano and embedded with an Intel Realsense sensor.

RPBP Robot

Rapid-Prototyped BiPed